XCOM®: Enemy Within

About XCOM: Enemy WithinXCOM: Enemy Within is an expansion pack for the award-winning strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This expansion pack includes both the core game of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and many new content.

XCOM: Enemy Within allows you to continue the popular science fiction strategy game "XCOM: Enemy Unknown" with lots of new content. The mobile game includes the core features of the original game and adds many new features, such as new soldiers, new skills, new missions or a revised multiplayer mode. Your soldiers can now also use novel alien technologies such as gene modifications in the fight against the aliens. In the new missions, you'll meet new enemies who want to destroy your soldiers and the XCOM headquarter at any cost. To defend yourself better against your enemies, you can resort to the alien resource MELD, which can unlock new research and new upgrades. XCOM: Enemy Within also has a revised multiplayer mode that gives you plenty of new maps, units, and squad skills. XCOM: Enemy Within can be downloaded via the download button on our website.

XCOM®: Enemy Within XCOM®: Enemy Within

Price: $9.99
Category: Games
Version: 1.4.0
Developer: 2K, INC.


4.1, 107 votes

XCOM: Enemy Within - Features:- Experience new missions: XCOM: Enemy Within has new missions in which you can experience exciting stories and adventures. For example, you have to stop a threat in a deserted fishing village or stop an alien attack on the XCOM headquarter.

  • Use new skills: For the first time, your soldiers can use alien technologies for their purposes. These novel alien technologies increase the skills of your troop. Explore the new technologies and find out how to genetically modify your soldiers or how to use cyber suits.
  • Defeat new enemies: The alien threat is expanded by two new alien races. In addition, you have to deal with the dangerous organization EXALT, that wants to wipe out XCOM.
  • Collect new resources: In XCOM: Enemy Within there is a new resource that can give you a clear strategic advantage. The extraterrestrial resource named MELD can only be won on the battlefield. If you use the resource, you can unlock new research or new upgrades for your base.
  • Revised Multiplayer: XCOM’s new or rather redesigned multiplayer mode offers you many new maps, units and abilities.

Conclusion: XCOM: Enemy Within offers you lots of new content that you did not know from XCOM: Enemy Unknown yet. The science fiction strategy game XCOM: Enemy Within can be downloaded from our website.

  • XCOM®: Enemy Within
  • XCOM®: Enemy Within
  • XCOM®: Enemy Within
  • XCOM®: Enemy Within
  • XCOM®: Enemy Within