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About Videoshop - Video EditorWith the Video Shop Video Editor, users can easily edit videos on their smartphone or tablet. Numerous filters, effects and tools are available for editing.

With the Video Shop Video Editor, you can now easily edit and personalize your video. Since the app has many different filters, effects and editing tools, editing your video is very easy. You can also use the app to add music to your video, change the video speed, or use your own voice as a voice-over for your video. You can easily share your edited video on social networks or via email. Videoshop - Video Editor can now be downloaded from our website.

Videoshop - Video Editor Videoshop - Video Editor

Price: $1.99
Category: Photo & Video
Version: 7.3.3
Developer: Appsolute Inc.


4.9, 374 votes

Videoshop - Video Editor: Features- Edit your videos: With Videoshop - Video Editor, you can easily edit your videos. For editing you have many different effects, filters and numerous editing tools available. For example, you can change the brightness, contrast, or saturation of your video, or simply cut different scenes out of the video. To give your video the certain something, the video can also be played and saved in slow motion, in fast motion or backwards.

  • Add music: Videoshop also gives you the option to set your video to music. You simply have to select a title from your library.
  • Sound effects: Videoshop provides many different sound effects. The sound effects range from funny sounds like laughter to animal sounds or explosions.
  • Voice-Over: With the app's special voice-over feature, you can easily record your own voice and then use it as a voice-over for your video. Let your own voice speak and give your video a personal touch.
  • Share your videos: In order that your friends and relatives can watch your edited video, you can easily share it on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or via email.

Conclusion: With Video Shop - Video Editor, your video will be something very special. You have many different editing tools, sound effects and numerous filters available, with which you can edit your video professionally. Since the app offers many features, there are no limits to your creativity. Videoshop - Video Editor is available for download on our website.

  • Videoshop - Video Editor
  • Videoshop - Video Editor
  • Videoshop - Video Editor
  • Videoshop - Video Editor
  • Videoshop - Video Editor