Trivia Crack en Français

About Trivia CrackTrivia Crack is a quiz app for smartphones and tablets, in which players can challenge each other to a quiz duel.

In Trivia Crack you have to prove a good general education. You either play against a friend or against unknown players from all over the world. Both players are asked six questions from six different categories. Whoever manages to answer all 6 questions correctly wins not only the game but also a piece of the other player. You can also actively shape the questions by, for example, creating your own questions or translating questions from other languages. Trivia Crack can be downloaded for free on our website.

Trivia Crack en Français Trivia Crack en Français

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Trivia Crack - Features:- Challenge your friends to a quiz duel: In Trivia Crack, you compete against your friends or other players in exciting quiz duels. Six questions from six different categories will be shown to each player. The different categories are displayed on a rotary wheel, which is divided into 7 different areas. The wheel picks the questions randomly for you and your opponent. You can expect questions from the fields of art, science, sports, entertainment, geography and history. Prove a good general education, be the first to answer all six questions correctly and win the duel. A game consists of a maximum of 25 rounds.

  • Win game pieces: Since every player has to place a piece at the beginning of a game round, you must have at least one game character at the beginning of the game. The player who wins the round automatically wins the piece the opponent set at the beginning of the round.
  • Collect Crowns: For every correct answer, the Crown Barometer, which is located at the bottom of the screen, rises. If you have collected a total of 3 crowns, you can either challenge your opponent to a duel for one of his pieces or an additional question is shown to you. If you answer this additional question correctly, you will receive a new piece that you can choose on your own. In addition, there is still the seventh area on the wheel, on which a crown is shown. When the wheel stops at this field, you have also the choice between the two described possibilities.
  • Create your own questions: In Trivia Crack you can also actively shape questions. These can then be suggested to the team of Trivia Crack and if you are lucky your question will soon appear in the game. You also have the opportunity to rate other players' questions or translate questions from other languages.

Conclusion: Trivia Crack is an entertaining game for smartphones and tablets, which is reminiscent of popular quiz games such as Trivial Pursuit. Since many questions await you from very different categories, a good general education is definitely very important. You can download Trivia Crack for free on our website.

  • Trivia Crack en Français
  • Trivia Crack en Français
  • Trivia Crack en Français
  • Trivia Crack en Français
  • Trivia Crack en Français