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About Things 3With the help of Things 3, users can manage tasks efficiently and in a structured way. The numerous functions of the app help to structure the day optimally, to keep track of all tasks of different categories and to plan the week efficiently.

Things 3 allows you to manage your tasks efficiently. You have a good overview of all upcoming tasks, whether they occur at home or at work. Since you can assign the individual tasks to different projects and categories, you keep an eye on both private and professional appointments. To plan your week even more usefully, the app is connected to your calendar, which means that it automatically syncs all your scheduled appointments with your to-do list. In addition, you have access to a special "Today" list that contains all the tasks that need to be done during the day. Use the download button on our webpage to download Things 3.

Things 3 Things 3

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Catégorie: Productivity
Version: 3.5.2
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Things 3 - Functions:- Add tasks: Creating a task list is your first important job if you want to use Things 3. Tasks can be added either by pressing the plus icon or by using Siri. Just let Siri know which tasks have to be done and see how they're automatically added to your list. It could not be easier or faster.

  • Arrange your tasks: Since you probably do not have one but directly several tasks to do, it is important that you arrange your tasks well and clearly. If you assign your tasks to a specific category, you'll find them faster. By using these categories, you can e.g. distinguish between private and professional tasks.
  • Plan your week: A special feature of Things 3 is that the app is connected to the calendar of your smartphone or tablet. This ensures that all appointments entered in the calendar are synchronized with your upcoming tasks. Plan directly in the app, when you can do your tasks best, without overlapping these with scheduled appointments.
  • Use the "Today" list: The "Today" list shows what tasks need to be done during the day. You can either create this special list yourself every morning or you can tell the app in advance which task have to be done on which date. These tasks are then automatically added to the "Today" list of the corresponding day.

Conclusion: Things 3 allows you to do tasks in a structured and efficient way. Above all, the app convinces by a clear presentation of the tasks, which can be assigned to different categories for a better overview. Things 3 can be downloaded via the download button on our website.

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