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About Pokémon GoPokémon Go allows you to catch Pokémon in your surroundings by using your smartphone. The integrated Pokémon Go map which is geared to your current position shows you where Pokémon can be found.

Pokémon Go brings the popular game classic on your smartphone. By using this innovative app you get the chance to become a Pokémon trainer and catch Pokémon. The integrated map which shows your actual position helps you to find different Pokémon, PokéStops or arenas around you. Start now and become a successful Pokémon trainer: just download Pokémon Go by using the links on our web page.

Pokémon GO Pokémon GO

Price: Free
Category: Games
Version: 1.73.3
Developer: Niantic, Inc.


4.9, 353 votes

Pokémon Go – features:- Become a Pokémon trainer: Pokémon Go offers you a unique game adventure which is geared to some elements of the popular game classic. By using this app you get the chance to become a Pokémon trainer and catch Pokémon around you with your smartphone. Fill your Pokédex with extraordinary, popular and partly also rare Pokémon.

  • The Pokémon map: Pokémon Go uses your current position to give you a detailed review of your surrounding and to show you Pokémon, Pokéstops or arenas around you.
  • Catch Pokémon: Pokémon Go is all about catching different Pokémon. In this connection there are some tips which you have to consider: Pokémon like to stay in brighter areas like parks. Besides Pokémon are always located in environments which fit to them. You find for example water Pokémon increased by the sea or near to water.
  • “Sighted!” The feature “sighted” shows you where Pokémon in your direct surroundings are located. While Pokémon which you already have in your Pokédex, are shown in color, still unknown Pokémon are shown in dark silhouettes.
  • Pokéstops: In Pokéstops you receive different items like balls, berries or potions. Pokéstops are often located near to popular places, for example sights.
  • Become part of a team: At a particular time you have to decide whether you want to join the red or the blue team. With the help of your team mates you try to earn the adverse arenas or defend your own arenas. Just allocate your Pokémon to an arena and fight.

Conclusion: Pokémon Go offers you the possibility to catch Pokémon in your well-known surroundings. During this adventure you always get in touch with new Pokémon. This app is therefore great fun for young and old adventurer. Use the link on our web page to download Pokémon Go free of charge from Google Play Store or App Store.

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