About is a gratuitous game which takes several elements of the game classics Snake and Slither on. The game’s main target is the conquest of the largest territory.

In contrast to Snake, the main target of is not to form a snake which is as long as possible but the conquest of the largest territory. To achieve this target, the player has to stand up to other players. The player has lost the game as soon as an opponent touches the tail of the own counter. You can download free of charge from Google Play Store or App Store. The links below will forward you to the app.

Prix: Gratuit
Catégorie: Games
Version: 3.6
Promoteur: Voodoo


4.2, 123 voix – how does it work?- Conquer the largest territory: is all about conquering the largest area. Swipe the screen to change your counter’s direction and control your character. The counter trails a colored trace. To enlarge your territory, you have to connect the counter’s colored trace with the working face.

  • Receive rewards for your conquers: In the most important thing is the size of your conquered territory. The larger your territory, the more coins you receive as reward. By dint of these coins you can buy new skins for your counter.
  • Strategy is everything: Since you compete against other players in, a good strategy is most important for the game’s outgoing. It is very important to avoid a direct confrontation with your opponents: If the other player touches or crosses your counter’s tail, you’ll lose the game.
  • Colorful design: stands out due to its simple game set-up and its clear and colorful design. The little colored squares which serve as counters procure a colorful overall impression. Although received the principles of the popular game classic Snake in some parts, the app’s modern design transfers the game in the present.

Conclusion: is the perfect game for everyone who love strategy games and enjoyed already games like Snake back then. Since you compete against other players, the game never loses its suspense. If you want to play the popular game on your smartphone, use the links on our web page. These will forward you to Google Play Store or App Store.