About NetflixNetflix is a popular streaming service which offers users a large choice of TV series, movies and documentations. Users can access contents with any hardware which has an internet connection.

With more than 100 million users, Netflix is one of the largest streaming services worldwide. Users can access thousands of movies, TV series and documentations, enjoy award-winning Netflix Originals and even download contents. Use the links on our web page to download Netflix on your smartphone or tablet.

Netflix Netflix

Price: Free
Category: Entertainment
Version: 10.12.0
Developer: Netflix, Inc.


4.2, 279 votes

Netflix – features:- Enjoy thousands of movies and TV series: The streaming service Netflix offers you a large choice of movies, TV series and documentations. And this choice rises steady: each month there a new movies and TV series available on Netflix

  • Award-winning Netflix Originals: Besides the choice of popular and well-known movies and TV series, Netflix also produces own TV series, the so called Netflix Originals. The Netflix Original House of Cards was even awarded with three Emmys. Other Netflix Originals like Orange Is The New Black or Stranger Things are also very popular and were feted not only by Netflix users but also by international press.
  • Create your very own account: A single Netflix account can be used from up to five persons. Because of that you can easily share your Netflix account and save money. Since everyone has its very own profile, Netflix can give you individual recommendations. For this purpose Netflix analyzes the contents which you already watched and suggests you different movies and TV series which you might like.
  • Enjoy TV series and movies even offline: By using Netflix App you can download selected contents to your smartphone or tablet so that you can watch them even when there is no internet connection.

Conclusion: Netflix offers you a large choice of first-run movies and TV series. Furthermore you can also share your Netflix account with up to four persons or download selected contents easily. If you want to use Netflix on your smartphone or tablet, you can download Netflix app free of charge on our web page.

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