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About Musical.lyThe app allows users to create short video clips to popular songs. These music clips can be shared with other users and can be spread even outside the app. gives you the unique possibility to create, share and discover short video clips. Create your own short clip, add your favorite song to it and upload your clip on your profile. Besides you can also share your music clips with other users or your followers to establish your very own fan base. Become a star and download app free of charge by using the links on our webpage. - your video social network - your video social network

Price: Free
Category: Photo & Video
Version: 7.1.0
Developer: inc.


4.1, 278 votes – features:- Create your own video clip: is a video platform on which you can create your own short video clip to your favorite song. You have the choice between millions of different songs, from popular charts music to 90s songs. Choose your favorite song, create your playback video, upload your clip and share it with your followers. Besides you can also upload your created clip on other social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

  • Edit your clips: If you have recorded your clip, you can edit it with different filters or time lapses to give your clip a personal touch.
  • Reach the “List of the Best”: Every day the best clips on are honored. If you create one of the best clips of the day, you can reach’s “List of the Best”. Like that you can possibly win new fans or followers. Create funny and creative video clips and become a successful “Muser”.
  • Challenges: On you can participate in different challenges. In these challenges you have to create a video clip to a certain topic.
  • Private or public? You can decide whether your profile is private or public. In private mode only your followers can see your created clips and add hearts to them. If your profile is public, every user can see your video clips. Also your videos which were shared outside the app, e.g. on Instagram, can be seen by every user. In all cases, private as well as public, you have the possibility to record clips just for yourself. If you’ve recorded a video clip, you can easily save it on your smartphone or tablet. Like that you can decide who can watch the video clip.

Conclusion: With you become the next star. Create funny and creative clips and share them with your followers. This sets no limits on your creativity and is great fun for young and old. Establish your very own fan base: To download just use the links on our web page. These will link you to Google Play Store or App Store.

  • - your video social network
  • - your video social network
  • - your video social network
  • - your video social network
  • - your video social network
  • - your video social network