About MinecraftWith Minecraft: Pocket Edition you can discover the big three-dimensional world of Minecraft on your Smartphone.

Just like the original game, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is about placing blocks and create new worlds with them. Create your own world, fight against monsters, discover many caves and build new objects and houses. Minecraft – that means mining and crafting: Search for ores or other materials to make new items. Be creative and experience the game’s fascination with thousands of players all around the world. To play Minecraft, just use the links below.

Minecraft Minecraft

Price: $6.99
Category: Games
Version: 1.4.3
Developer: Mojang AB


4.4, 263 votes

Minecraft: Pocket Edition – Features- Discover and modify the popular world of Minecraft, which consists of 1 cubic meter large blocks. Also in the Pocket Edition, you can place blocks, build new objects and make new items out of them.

  • Choose between two modes: Survive or Creative. In the survival mode you have to ensure the survival of your character. Find different resources, defend yourself against monsters or improve your equipment. In the creative mode, your creativity has no limits. Your main task is to craft new buildings or objects.
  • In the Pocket Edition you can use many elements or blocks which are not available in the original computer game yet.
  • Choose between single or multiplayer mode: experience the world of Minecraft by yourself or solve many tasks with the help of team mates. The choice is yours.
  • New: Minecraft Realms: With the subscription service Minecraft Realms you have the possibility to create your own Minecraft world which is always-online. Besides you can invite up top 10 friends to your own world.

Minecraft – did you know?

  • By now you can find many well-known places in the Minecraft world. Under the name “The Floo Network” you can find a faithful reproduction of the Harry Potter world. In this map you can discover for example Hogwarts or the Quidditch stadium.
  • Pokémon and Minecraft: The Minecraft-Mod Pixelmon afforded thousands of players around the world to play the popular Pokémon game in the Minecraft world for free. Up to 523 different Pokémon were therefor created. Meanwhile the Pokémon company put paid to the Minecraft Pokémon world.

To experience the fascination of this game, download Minecraft: Pocket Edition on our web page. Just use the links below.

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