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About Microsoft WordThe app Microsoft Word brings the well-known office program Word on your smartphone or tablet. By dint of this app you can access and edit your documents even when you’re on the way.

With Microsoft Word you can use the well-known features of Word on your smartphone or tablet. Create new documents, edit them or work with others on a document. Thanks to the familiar layout, you will get along with this app very fast and use the well-known features even en route optimally. Download Microsoft Word App now for free. Just use the links on our web page.

Microsoft Word Microsoft Word

Price: Free
Category: Productivity
Version: 2.14
Developer: Microsoft Corporation


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Microsoft Word – features:- Microsoft Word to go: With Microsoft Word you can use all well-known features of Word on your smartphone or tablet. You can create new Word documents, edit them and work with others on a document. You’ll find all familiar features of Word in Microsoft Word app: Even with the app you can access pictures, diagrams, footnotes or formulas.

  • Perfect layout: Microsoft Word app distinguishes itself through the well-known design of Word. No matter if you use your laptop, smartphone or tablet: you work everywhere with the same familiar layout. Besides you can also choose between different layouts in the app. You can display your documents with the actual layout or you choose the layout which was optimized for smartphones. This layout can ease the reading of the document on your mobile device.
  • Connected devices: If you edit a document, your editing will be adopted on all your devices. Like that you always have the same contents and formatting, no matter which device you use. Since all your devices are connected via your Microsoft account, you can work efficiently and save time.
  • Work with others: By using Microsoft Word app you can work with several persons on a document on the same time. You can e.g. make modifications on the document, follow the suggestions of the others or comment on a certain text section.

Conclusion: If you have a Microsoft account and use Word already on your computer, Microsoft Word app is the perfect addition for an efficient and mobile working. By using this app you are no longer bound to a certain place. You can work flexibly everywhere. Use Microsoft Word App now on your smartphone or tablet. The links on our web page will link you to App Store or Google Play Store where you can download the app for free.

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