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About Microsoft OneNoteMicrosoft OneNote offers users the possibility to keep a digital notebook on their smartphone or tablet. By dint of the app task lists can be created, plans can be made or sketches can be produced.

Microsoft OneNote brings the digital notebook of the popular Microsoft Office program on your smartphone or tablet. Make task lists, collect inspirations, plan projects with your friends or make different sketches. By using OneNote you keep track of your notes even when you’re on the move. You can download Microsoft OneNote for iOS and Android now for free on our web page.

Microsoft OneNote Microsoft OneNote

Price: Free
Category: Productivity
Version: 16.14
Developer: Microsoft Corporation


4.9, 494 votes

Microsoft OneNote – features:- Your digital notebook: Microsoft OneNote affords you to make, collect and edit notes. The app offers you a mobile access to your digital notebook. Make task lists, plan events or projects and collect inspirations. With Microsoft OneNote you can organize your notes individually. You cannot only make but also rename, search, sort or copy notebooks.

  • Your notes, everywhere available – Your notes are synchronized with your Microsoft account and are saved in the Cloud. Because of that you can access them from everywhere. No matter if you use your smartphone, tablet or computer: your notes are always the same. If you edit a note, the modification will be made automatically on your other devices.
  • Private notes: In addition you can save your notes in the Microsoft Word App with a password. Like that you can make sure that only you have access to your notes.
  • Share your notes: By dint of Microsoft OneNote you cannot only make notes, but also share them with your friends and family. This offers you the possibility to work easily together on a project.
  • Handwritten notes: With Microsoft OneNote you can also make handwritten notes or sketches. Here you have the choice between many different writing colors and settings.
  • New: “convert in forms”: The new mode of Microsoft OneNote converts forms which were drawn by you into perfect polygons, symbols or circles.

Conclusion: By using Microsoft OneNote you can plan projects, make notes or organize events even when you’re on the move. Because of the perfect interaction between the devices, you can access your created notes everywhere and are no longer bound to a specific position while working. Use the app now on your smartphone or tablet. Download Microsoft OneNote free of charge from our web page.

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