About Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger affords Facebook users to access their messages even on their smartphone. So you can stay in contact with your friends even when you’re on the move.

Facebook Messenger interconnects Facebook users all over the world. Users cannot only write free private messages but also send photos or videos or start a video call via app. Stay in contact with your Facebook friends and download the free Facebook Messenger app on our web page.

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Price: Free
Category: Social Networking
Version: 170.1
Developer: Facebook, Inc.


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Facebook Messenger – features:- Keep an eye on your Facebook messages even when you’re on the move: With Facebook Messenger you get an easy access to your messages and can continue conversations even on the way. Besides you can see anytime if your messages are delivered and if they were already read.

  • Send photos or videos to your friends: If you want to share photos or videos with your friends, but don’t want to post it on your Facebook account, you can send them easily via Facebook Messenger.
  • Communicate easier by dint of voice messages: record voice messages with Facebook Messenger and save time. By dint of voice messages you can easily let your voice speak instead of typing a long text.
  • Use stickers to underline your messages: Facebook Messenger provides you hundreds of different stickers. Choose stickers which underline your current mood or create a funny message by dint of the right sticker. Whatever you want to express: you will find the right one.
  • Voice or video calls via Facebook Messenger: Make a voice or video call via Facebook Messenger. All voice calls are in HD quality so you can enjoy a flawless conversation. If you want to communicate more personal, you can also start a video call via Facebook Messenger. So you can speak to your family and friends, no matter where they are. Since Facebook Messenger uses your internet connection to make voice or video calls there are no additional fees which incur for you.

Facebook Messenger: did you know?

  • Let the game begin: Besides Basketball or Solitaire, you can also play game classics like snake or PAC-MAN with your friends on Facebook Messenger. Overall you can choose between more than ten games. The perfect opportunity to brighten the conversation.

Play, write, speak: enjoy the features of Facebook Messenger and download the app by using the links on our web page.

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