MARVEL Tournoi des Champions

About Marvel Contest of ChampionsIn Marvel Contest of Champions players can fight duels with the most popular heroes from the Marvel universe. Players can compete against powerful villains on their own or with a team or alliance.

Marvel Contest of Champions allows you to experience your own adventure in the Marvel Universe. Fight with Marvel's most popular superheroes and villains such as Iron Man, Spiderman or Deadpool and defeat powerful opponents. You also have the possibility to team up with friends or other players to form alliances and win numerous prizes. As you collect superheroes and villains, you can also build your own team and get bonuses for a particularly good set-up of the team. Stop Kang and Thanos and save the Marvel Universe. You can download Marvel Contest of Champions for free on our website.

MARVEL Tournoi des Champions MARVEL Tournoi des Champions

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Version: 18.1.0
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Marvel Contest of Champions - Features:- Fights against superheroes and villains: In Marvel Contest of Champions you compete with your favorite superheroes against strong and powerful opponents. You can choose from all the superheroes and baddies from the Marvel Universe, such as Deadpool, Wolverine or Hulk. Choose your favorite and fight exciting duels against villains like Thanos or Kang the Conqueror.

  • Team up with friends: When you team up with friends or other players and join forces to form an alliance, you can participate in special missions and battles where you can win great prizes and rewards. Complete alliance missions, participate in special alliance events, or fight other strong alliances in the so-called Alliance Wars. Prove the enemy alliances that you are the strongest team.
  • Create your own team: In order to form your own team, you first have to collect powerful superheroes and baddies. Once you collected multiple champions, you can build a strong team with them. But watch out for how well the individual superheroes and villains match. If you put the team together very well and the team's relationship is right, you'll get special collective bonuses for your team.
  • Fight in famous places: Another special feature of Marvel Storm's superheroes is that you fight with your superheroes and villains in famous locations from the Marvel Universe. Visit the Avengers Tower, The Savage Land or The Kyln and fight exciting battles there.

Conclusion: Marvel Contest of Champions takes you into the great Marvel Universe and offers you exciting fights with your favorite Marvel heroes. Marvel Contest of Champions can be downloaded for free on our website.

  • MARVEL Tournoi des Champions
  • MARVEL Tournoi des Champions
  • MARVEL Tournoi des Champions
  • MARVEL Tournoi des Champions
  • MARVEL Tournoi des Champions