Gummy Drop! – Jeu de Match 3

About Gummy DropGummy Drop is a match-3 game that combines the well-known gameplay of the popular puzzle game with innovative features. While the player solves over 10,000 levels, he makes a trip around the world and learns a lot about land, people and sights.

In Gummy Drop, you can take a little trip around the world. While you get to know many metropolises, cities and countries, you need to solve Match-3 levels. The gameplay of Gummy Drop is similar to other Match-3-games: At least three gummy drops of the same color must be combined so that they disappear from the field. If you make a combination of more than three drops, special boosters are unlocked, which can help you in the further course of the game. Travel through numerous countries and cities, collect stamps for your passport and learn interesting facts about the country and the sights. If you participate in events or complete extra tasks of residents, you can also earn resources that are particularly important in the game. You can download Gummy Drop for free on our website.

Gummy Drop! – Jeu de Match 3 Gummy Drop! – Jeu de Match 3

Prix: Gratuit
Catégorie: Games
Version: 3.11.0
Promoteur: Big Fish Games, Inc


4.5, 272 voix

Gummy Drop - Features:- Solve Match 3 levels: Your task is to combine at least three gummy drops of the same color. If you make such a combination, the gummy drops disappear from the field. In most levels you have a specific goal, like a particular score or a number of gummy drops, which must be reached within a certain time or in a certain number of moves. If you combine more than three gummy drops, so-called boosters are created, which can be very helpful for solving the level. In Gummy Drop you can expect strong boosters such as Shovel, Lightening or Earthquake.

  • Embark on an exciting journey: The special thing about Gummy Drops is that you go on a world tour while you solve the Match 3 levels. More than 40 places like Paris, Rome or New York are waiting for you. During your trip you will learn a lot about the culture, the country and the sights. If you collect special travel vouchers or get stamps for your passport from each city and country, you can always go back to the place of your choice.
  • Collect resources: In Gummy Drop, you need resources to build or restore famous buildings. In addition, residents of each location will come to you and ask for your help during your journey. To complete the extra tasks, you often rely on the use of resources. You can earn resources by, for example, participating in daily events.

Conclusion: Gummy Drop is an innovative match-3 game that combines the familiar gameplay with new features. You can learn a lot of interesting facts about different countries, cultures and sights during the game. Gummy Drop is available as a free download on our website.

  • Gummy Drop! – Jeu de Match 3
  • Gummy Drop! – Jeu de Match 3
  • Gummy Drop! – Jeu de Match 3
  • Gummy Drop! – Jeu de Match 3
  • Gummy Drop! – Jeu de Match 3