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About Google TranslateBy using Google Translate you can easily translate different texts. This useful app translates texts of every kind reliably in 103 languages.

By using Google Translate you’ll become the arbiter over 103 different languages. By dint of this app you cannot only translate simple texts but also pictures with texts and spoken conversations, even offline. Use Google Translate now on your smartphone or tablet. Just click the download button on our web page.

Google Translate Google Translate

Price: Free
Category: Reference
Version: 5.20.1
Developer: Google, Inc.


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Google Translate – features:- Translate texts: Google Translate is all about translating texts of every kind. Therefor you have to type the text in the allocated field. Google Translate translates the text thereupon in up to 103 different languages. This translation feature can also be used offline. Until now there are however only 53 languages available.

  • Translation by dint of camera: Google Translate offers you a unique possibility to translate texts which are located in pictures easily and fast. For that you don’t have to type the shown text but aim the camera of your smartphone at the picture. The app translates the shown text directly in up to 30 languages.
  • Translating conversations: By dint of Google Translate you can easily translate bilingual conversations. Therefor the app uses the microphone of your smartphone and listens to the conversation. After listening, the app translates the spoken text directly.
  • Use your handwriting: If you’re not in the mood for typing a text, you can also use the handwriting feature of Google Translate. You can enter different letters or signs from up top 93 different languages by hand. After that the app translates the handwritten input. Very useful tool, especially if you have to work with for example Chinese characters.
  • Collect words and translations: By dint of Google Translate you can easily improve your vocabulary. You can for example mark or save translations or words. Like that you may find them again faster in future or you can memorize them easier.

Conclusion: Google Translate affords you a fast und uncomplicated translation of texts in many different languages. Therefor the app is a true enrichment, especially when you’re abroad. If you want to use this smart dictionary on your smartphone or tablet, just use the download button on our web page.

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