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About Google CalendarGoogle Calendar is an intelligent calendar for smartphones and tablets that allows users to coordinate professional as well as personal appointments.

Google Calendar keeps track of your appointments. Since you can create both a calendar for your professional and private appointments in the app and mark appointments with different colors, you have a good overview of all upcoming appointments and meetings. You can also create recurring appointments that Google Calendar automatically schedules for you. In addition, you have the possibility to invite other users to appointments. Google Calendar can be downloaded for free from our website.

Google Calendar Google Calendar

Price: Free
Category: Productivity
Version: 2.42.0
Developer: Google, Inc.


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Google Calendar - Features:- See all appointments: With the help of Google Calendar you keep an eye on both professional and private appointments. Since you can create multiple calendars, you have a quick overview of what appointments are at work or in your spare time. You also have the option of displaying your appointments in day, week or month view.

  • Create monthly or weekly appointments: Appointments that occur weekly or monthly, such as family reunions, sporting events or regulars, can be added to your personal calendar with just a few clicks. Simply set the intervals between the appointments and Google Calendar will automatically schedule them for you. In addition, you can activate the helpful reminder feature of the app, which reminds you shortly before the appointment.
  • Create your own goals: If you have set goals, such as going to the gym three times a week, you can easily pursue them using Google Calendar. The app enters your goals as fixed dates in your calendar.
  • Sync to Gmail account: Having a Gmail account gives you even more benefits. As your mail account syncs with Google Calendar, any appointments you receive via email are automatically added to your calendar. So you save the cumbersome typing of new appointments.
  • Invite other users to events: If you create an event where also other Google Calendar users are present, you can easily share the event you've created with these other users. If you invite a person to an appointment, the recipient can automatically add it to their Google Calendar.

Conclusion: Google Calendar is an intelligent and helpful calendar with which you can keep an eye on both your professional and private appointments. You can download Google Calendar for free on our website.

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