FIFA Soccer

About FIFA SoccerWith FIFA Soccer, the popular soccer game FIFA can now also be played on smartphones and tablets. Players can put together their own football teams, train players and compete against each other in leagues.

With FIFA Soccer you experience the world of soccer up close. Build your own team of current and former football stars, manage your team, and find the right tactic to win games. You cannot only play exciting 90-second games in VS Attack Mode, but you can also participate in various leagues where you compete against your friends or players from around the world. Train hard and reach the leaderboard. Use the download button on our website to download FIFA Soccer for free.

FIFA Soccer FIFA Soccer

Price: Free
Category: Games
Version: 10.2.00
Developer: EA Swiss Sarl


4.8, 147 votes

FIFA Soccer - Features:- Build your own team: In FIFA Soccer, you are the manager of a unique football team. To build a team, you have to choose 11 players from over 550 teams. Here are current as well as former soccer stars available. Train your players, field your team strategically well, and customize your tactics individually for each game. Only then can you win games and lead your team to success.

  • VS Attack Mode: In VS Attack mode, you play thrilling 90-second games. Dominate the matches to be in the leaderboard and receive special seasonal bonuses.
  • Single Player Campaign Mode: FIFA Soccer is closely connected to real world football events. In the so-called single-player campaign mode, you have to face challenges that are based on real events. If you master these challenges, you can win great prizes.
  • Participate in leagues: In the special leagues you can play together with your friends or other players from all over the world. You can either play inter-league championships or league vs. league tournaments where you can prove yourself against other players. Defeat your opponents and reach the leaderboard.

Conclusion: FIFA Soccer is not only for football fans an entertaining and exciting game. Put together your own team and prove your skills as a football manager. Since you can play exciting 90-second games as well as participate in numerous leagues, the game is always varied and exciting. FIFA Soccer can be downloaded for free via the download button on our website.

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