About DropboxDropbox is a virtual internet folder in which users can save pictures, videos or documents. If users save contents in the Dropbox, they can access them from every internet capable device.

By using Dropbox you can administrate and access your files which you saved in your Dropbox on your smartphone or tablet. If you upload files in your Dropbox, you can access them by dint of every internet capable device. Like that you cannot only save storage space or make your files available everywhere but also protect your contents from hardware problems. Save your important files now in Dropbox and download the app for free on our web page.

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Price: Free
Category: Productivity
Version: 96.2
Developer: Dropbox, Inc.


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Dropbox – features:- Access to your files, everywhere: If you save contents like photos, videos, music or documents in your Dropbox, they are available on every internet capable device. Since Dropbox saves your files on the internet, you can access them from everywhere. By using Dropbox you can access and administrate your saved files even on your smartphone or your tablet. Besides you can also download your files comfortably so that you access them even when you’re offline.

  • Share files with your friends and family: You can create Dropbox folders on which several people can access. Just share the folder and send the link via e-mail or SMS to friends or other contact members which should have access to it. By dint of this link, other persons can see your shared files and even download a copy of your file. For that you don’t even need a Dropbox account. Besides you can also organize parties, edit files with others or exchange photos by using the shared folders.
  • Save your files: No matter if you lose your laptop or your computer conks out: By dint of Dropbox, all your files are still there. Just log in to Dropbox and download your saved files easily and comfortably. Like that no photo, no video or no document can be lost. If you delete a file by accident, you can restore it within 30 days.
  • Document scanner: By dint of Dropbox you can convert your receipts, notes or drawings into digital files. For that you only have to open Dropbox’ document scanner and take a photo of the file which you want to digitalize.

Conclusion: By dint of Dropbox you always have all your files with you. Like that you can easily save your files, access them everywhere, work comfortably in a team or share files. By using the Download Button on our web page, you can download the Dropbox app free of charge.

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