Diamond Dash

About Diamond DashDiamond Dash is a puzzle game in which players must connect at least three gems of the same color. The more diamonds they destroy, the more points they reach.

In Diamond Dash you have to combine gems of different colors as quickly as possible. The gameplay of Diamond Dash is strongly orientated on other match 3 plays such as Candy Crush. In Diamond Dash, you also have to combine at least three gems of the same color. If you tap three same-colored gems, they will disappear from the field. Unlike other Match 3 games, you only have 60 seconds for each round. Your task is to destroy as many gems as possible within a minute and reach as many points as possible. Diamond Dash can be downloaded for free on our website.

Diamond Dash Diamond Dash

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Version: 7.0.106
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Diamond Dash - Features:- Combine same-colored gems: In Diamond Dash you have to destroy as many gems as possible. To make pieces disappear from the board, you must tap at least three gems of the same color. It is also important that the gems are next to each other. The more gems you destroy, the more points you get. Since a game lasts only 60 seconds, your goal is to destroy as many gems as possible during the given time to beat the high score.

  • Use boosters: Since Diamond Dash is all about speed, there are plenty of boosters available to help you destroy more gems at once. For example, finding chemicals can cause a reaction in which several blocks are blown up. If you make a lot of gem combinations in a short time, the special fire mode is unlocked, which simultaneously destroys several gems.
  • Alone or Teamwork: You can either play Diamond Dash alone or participate in so-called team fights. Choose the red or blue team and compete against other players in worldwide challenges. When you connect to your Facebook account, you can also play tournaments against your friends. See in the ranking who is the best player in your circle of friends and beat his high score. If you win games against your friends or other players from all over the world, you will also be rewarded with great prizes.

Conclusion: Diamond Dash combines the familiar gameplay of a Match 3 game with a time limit of 60 seconds. This keeps the game fast and exciting. In addition, since you can compete directly with your friends, you are always motivated to achieve even higher scores. Diamond Dash is available as a free download on our website.

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