Construction Simulator 2

About Construction Simulator 2With the Construction Simulator 2, players can do the daily tasks of a construction site. To complete numerous orders, they have over 40 licensed construction vehicles at hand.

The construction simulator gives you an exciting insight into the everyday life on the construction site. In this popular simulation game, you start your own construction company, which of course wants to land a lot of lucrative orders. In order to complete orders such as the renovation of ramshackle roads or the construction of new houses optimally, more than 40 construction vehicles from well-known manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Liebherr or Meiller are available. Explore the American city of Westside Plains, get new orders and buy new construction vehicles to build a construction empire. You can download the Construction Simulator 2 via the download button on our website.

Construction Simulator 2 Construction Simulator 2

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Version: 1.11
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Construction Simulator 2 - Functions:- Build your own construction empire: Construction Simulator 2 allows you to start your own construction company. Since you have to land many lucrative orders to grow your company and also have to complete them successfully, you have over 40 first-class construction vehicles from well-known manufacturers at hand. For example, you can use Caterpillar, Liebherr, Palfinger or Meiller vehicles for orders, and drive these top-of-the-range vehicles. To grow your business, it's important that you explore the American city of Westside Plains and land new jobs for your business there.

  • Master the orders: In the Construction Simulator 2, you must regularly complete demanding orders. There are over 60 different orders available, from easier jobs such as road reconstruction to more demanding tasks such as rebuilding of bridges. Choose the right construction vehicles, drive to the construction site and do the job to the fullest satisfaction of the customer.
  • Experience all tasks on the construction site: With the different construction vehicles of your vehicle fleet you can do many tasks on the construction site. Experience how funny excavating with a powerful excavator is or how difficult it is to control cranes. Your tasks include, for example, the loading of building materials or the asphalting of roads.
  • New - road construction: In the construction Simulator 2 you can now also do road works. With special vehicles from the company Cat, for example, you can build new roads or renovate ramshackle streets in no time.

Conclusion: With the Construction Simulator 2 you experience what it feels like to drive a powerful construction vehicle. You have over 40 original vehicles from famous manufacturers such as Caterpillar or Liebherr available, with which you can complete many exciting orders. The Construction Simulator 2 is available for download on our website.

  • Construction Simulator 2
  • Construction Simulator 2
  • Construction Simulator 2
  • Construction Simulator 2
  • Construction Simulator 2