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About BabbelWith Babbel, users can easily learn new languages. The app offers numerous language courses in 14 different languages, which were all developed by language experts.

Babbel allows you to learn new languages quickly, easily and playfully. With the help of Babbel you can learn 14 different languages: From widely used languages such as English, French or Spanish to more unusual languages such as Swedish, Danish or Indonesian. All language courses were developed by language experts and are easy to integrate into everyday life due to their short duration of about 15 minutes. The main goal of Babbel is that you can easily communicate in the newly learned language. You can not only train your listening skills, your writing or your speaking, but also your pronunciation. As your learning progresses are synced, you can do your lessons on any device. Babbel can be downloaded for free on our website.

Babbel – Learn Languages Babbel – Learn Languages

Price: Free
Category: Education
Version: 20.1.8
Developer: Lesson Nine GmbH


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Babbel - Features:

  • Learn many languages: With Babbel you can easily learn new languages. The app provides you with language courses in fourteen languages. With the help of Babbel you can learn e.g. English, French or even Italian. All courses have been developed by language experts to ensure a continuous and effective learning progress. Since each lesson takes only 10 to 15 minutes, they can be optimally integrated into everyday life. The primary goal of the language course is to be able to communicate in the new language. Here, above all, everyday situations are important. That's why you'll learn vocabulary about specific topics and situations in each lesson. For example, it will be easy for you to order at a restaurant or shop at the market. All courses are suitable for both beginners and advanced learners.
  • Varied exercises: In order to train as many aspects of a language as possible, many varied exercises await you. These train for example your listening comprehension, your writing or your speaking. Your pronunciation will be trained with the app's built-in voice recognition feature. This recognizes whether you pronounce words correctly and improves you if necessary.
  • Practicing vocabulary: Learning vocabulary is a tiresome topic that you probably still know from school days. To make this boring and annoying topic a little more entertaining, the so-called repeat manager is available. This will help you to repeat your vocabulary regularly and remember it.

Conclusion: Babbel will help you to learn a new language in a fun and easy way. The short, but intensive lessons can be easily integrated into everyday life and ensure an optimal learning progress. You can download Babbel for free on our website.

  • Babbel – Learn Languages
  • Babbel – Learn Languages
  • Babbel – Learn Languages
  • Babbel – Learn Languages
  • Babbel – Learn Languages