About AkinatorThe Akinator is a virtual mind reader that tries to guess a real or fictional character as fast as possible with just a few questions.

With the Akinator app, you can now play the popular web application on your smartphone or tablet. Challenge the virtual mind reader: The Akinator tries to guess which real or fictional character you are thinking of by just asking a few questions. In addition, you can participate in daily exciting challenges and win so-called Geniz. With Geniz you can, for example, unlock backgrounds or create the Akinator according to your ideas. With the help of the new feature "MyWorld" the Akinator can now even guess your relatives or friends. You can download the Akinator for free from our web page.

Akinator Akinator

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Catégorie: Entertainment
Version: 6.5
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Akinator - Features:- The Virtual Mind Reader: Challenge the Akinator and let him find out which person you are thinking of. Here you can not only think of real people, but also of fictional characters. To guess the figure, the Akinator asks you several questions about the person which you need to answer truthfully.

  • Daily Challenges: You can not only play the classic guessing game, but also participate in daily challenges. Here you have to guess five secret characters. If you manage to do this, you will gain extra Geniz, which you can use to unlock new backgrounds or create the Akinator individually.
  • Aki Awards: In order to receive the so-called Aki Awards, you have to let the Akinator guess characters that have not been played for a long time.
  • MyWorld: The new feature "MyWorld" allows the Akinator to guess not only known characters, but also your friends or relatives. To do this, you simply have to include your friends or family in your personal MyWorld gallery.
  • Compare yourself with your friends: To make the game even more appealing, you can challenge your friends on the leaderboard. Compare yourself with your friends and prove that you are the ultimate Akinator conqueror in your circle of friends.

Conclusion: With the Akinator app, you can now play the funny and fascinating web application on your smartphone and tablet. Challenge the Akinator and think of a fictional or real character – you will be surprised how quickly the Akinator guesses it. You can also participate in daily challenges or search for Aki Awards. The Akinator app can be downloaded for free from our website.

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