About 2048In 2048, players must combine numbers by moving them until they reach 2048.

2048 is a kind of math game, in which numbers must be added until the number 2048 arises. The playing field consists of 4x4 fields. In this playing field numbers must be added, which have the same value. For example, when you pair two tiles with the number 2, you create a tile with the number 4. You can combine numbers easily by swiping. If two tiles of the same value touch each other, they are added automatically and a new tile is created. But watch out: A new 2-tile appears every turn, making the board increasingly full. If you have reached 2048 by skillfully adding the tiles, you have won the game. 2048 can be downloaded for free on our website.

2048 2048

Price: Free
Category: Games
Version: 2.2
Developer: Ketchapp


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2048 - Functions:- Reach 2048: 2048 actually has a very simple goal: You have to put tiles of the same number together to reach the number 2048. To combine numbers, you have to match them on the field by swiping. The playing field consists of 4x4 fields, in which you can move the tiles up, down, right or left. When two tiles of the same value touch, a new tile is created, which adds up the value of the two tiles. If two tiles with the number 2 touch, for example, a new tile with the number 4 is created. You must now combine the tiles until the number 2048 is reached. But achieving that goal is not as easy as it seems. As new tiles are added each turn, the board becomes increasingly full. If you cannot manage to put tiles together cleverly and at some point no tiles can be moved, you have lost the game. If you manage to reach the 2048, you have won the game. Even if you reached 2048, you can still play on and reach a higher score.

  • Connect to Facebook: 2048 can easily be connected to your Facebook account, so you can share your high scores with your friends. It also offers you the possibility to view your friends' scores and compare your high scores.
  • Master Challenges: If you need a change from the normal game mode, you can also participate in special challenges. At the moment there are about 60 challenges available, in which you have to fulfill small tasks.

Conclusion: 2048 convinces by a simple, yet challenging gameplay, which requires a lot of practice and strategic thinking. 2048 is available on our website as a free download.

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